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International Conference on Digital transformation and Innovation Technology

About us

In an increasingly interconnected world, digital transformation has become an imperative for organizations and societies in general. The adoption of advanced technologies, process automation and constant innovation are essential to remain competitive and meet the challenges of the 21st century.

This conference, which is in its 3rd edition, is a meeting space for leaders, experts, and visionaries who share a passion for digital transformation and technological innovation. During these days, we will explore the latest trends, discuss effective strategies, and learn from success stories in different sectors.

Our goal is to foster dialogue, collaboration, and inspiration. Together, we will chart the path to a smarter, more agile, and sustainable future. Welcome to this exciting journey towards digital transformation and technological innovation.

At our conference, we focus on exploring the latest trends in digital transformation and artificial intelligence to drive innovation and learn about the latest technological trends in Artificial Intelligence


Trabajamos con los Lídres en Innovación Educativa y Tecnológica


The mission of the Higher Technological Institute of Intelligent Technologies (INSTTI) is to train comprehensive technologists with a high level of knowledge, ethics, solidarity and criticism, applying for this; academic models of teaching by competencies based on quality standards and supported by new information and communication technologies (ICTs), capable of solving problems through research and innovation, which promote productive development and links with society.

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IoT and BiG Data Services

We apply the best Technology, we are experts in IoT and Artificial Intelligence solutions. Design of Predictive models with A.W.S., Microsoft Azure, GCP among others

At the 360 Development Training Center, our mission is to empower people to reach their maximum personal and professional potential. We believe that continuous learning and constant improvement are essential to face the challenges of a constantly changing world

Desarrollo 360


The International Conference on Digital Transformation and Innovation Technologies, (INCODTRIN 2024), will be held at QUITO-ECUDOR, between the 20th and 23th of November 2024.


Centro de convenciones Metropolitano de Quito


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¡Contáctanos para más información sobre la conferencia de transformación digital e inteligencia artificial que estamos organizando! Estamos aquí para ayudarte.

¡Increíble conferencia sobre transformación digital e inteligencia artificial! Aprendí mucho y me siento inspirado para implementar estos conceptos en mi empresa.

Carolina Pérez

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a group of people standing inside of a building